Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro

Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro 10.0

Add JavaScript code to your HTML pages quickly and easily -...

Add JavaScript code to your HTML pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Antechinus transforms your pages from displaying static content to live, dynamic, interactive applications.

Antechinus JavaScript Editor offers: * Unified color-coded syntax - both for JavaScript and Html * Ability to experiment - unlimited Undo and Redo are only one click away * Context-sensitive help: just hit F1 to receive help on the function, method, or property under the cursor * Complete JavaScript reference * Comprehensive JavaScript tutorial from beginners to advanced users * Bookmarking for easy navigation * Help as you type: Intellisense/Auto-complete eliminates the need to memorize standard functions, methods, properties and parameter lists * The brace matching - see the scope of the function or expression immediately * Ability to automate code insertion and repetitive tasks, and provide macro-like capabilities via industry-standard Visual Basic for Applications (VBScript) * Single-click navigation between documents using document tabs * Find functions in your documents easily - they are automatically listed in the Functions tab * Create standard.

js and. html files using predefined templates, or create your own templates, and * Categorized source code solutions. In February 2008 Antechinus JavaScript Editor and AntechinusPHP Editor have been merged into a single application.

You can continue to use Antechinus for JavaScript, JScript, JScript. Net and AJAX development in all the supporting platforms. However, if your pages are in PHP you have the added advantage of using a robust, integrated PHP/JavaScript platform for fast coding and easy development.

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Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro


Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro 10.0

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    OK to learn with. Not a production tool..
    Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro is an OK tool to learn but very out...   More